Smart Board Features

A powerful tool that can drastically simplify and enhance your life in various ways.


Capture Ideas

With mind map tools, you can effortlessly capture ideas, concepts, and connections, creating a dynamic visual representation of your thinking process.

Different chart structures

Enhance your mind mapping experience with the versatility of different chart structures. A mind mapping tool featuring various chart structures offers immense value by enabling you to visually organize, analyze, and present your ideas and information. From tree charts to flowcharts, bubble maps to concept maps, these diverse structures cater to different needs and enhance your ability to communicate complex concepts effectively.

Unlimited Topics and Maps

With no restrictions on the number of topics and maps you can create, you have the freedom to capture and explore an endless array of ideas and information. Seamlessly manage multiple projects, brainstorm sessions, and areas of interest all in one place. This feature-rich tool empowers you to structure your thoughts, visualize connections, and uncover new insights.


Whether you prefer a sleek and professional look or a vibrant and creative style, these themes allow you to create visually engaging mind maps that reflect your unique personality and enhance readability. Stand out from the crowd, boost your creativity, and make your ideas come to life with the diverse range of themes available in our mind mapping tool. Experience the value of visual customization and start mapping your ideas in style today.

Nodes and connector styles

Elevate your mind mapping experience with a tool that offers versatile Nodes and Connector Styles. With a range of customizable node shapes and connector designs, you can tailor your mind maps to visually represent your ideas and concepts effectively.

Organize Ideas

Effortlessly organize your ideas and unlock your creative potential with a mind mapping tool designed to help you structure and arrange your thoughts.

Image, Icon, Sticker

Elevate the visual appeal of your mind maps with our mind mapping tool's Image, Icon, and Sticker features. By incorporating images, icons, and stickers into your mind maps, you can transform them into engaging and memorable visual representations. Whether you want to illustrate concepts, add visual cues, or infuse creativity, our tool provides the flexibility to effortlessly integrate these visual elements.

Link, Note, Tag

Seamlessly connect ideas with hyperlinks, allowing you to navigate between related concepts and external resources effortlessly. Capture additional details and insights with notes, keeping your thoughts organized and easily accessible. Utilize tags to categorize and filter information, enabling efficient searching and retrieval of specific topics or themes.

Associative Line

Associative Lines enable you to establish meaningful connections and relationships between different elements of your mind map. These lines provide a visual representation of the associations, dependencies, and correlations among your ideas, enhancing clarity and understanding.


Unlock the versatility of your mind maps with the powerful Export feature in our mind mapping tool.

Import From Json

Simplify your workflow and save time with the convenient Import from JSON feature in our mind mapping tool. By allowing you to import JSON files directly into the tool, you can seamlessly transfer existing mind maps or data from other applications, enhancing productivity and eliminating the need for manual re-entry.

Export to Json image, svg, pdf, markdown and more

Export your mind maps to JSON to preserve the structure and data for future use or integration with other applications. Convert your mind maps into image or SVG formats for easy sharing and embedding in presentations, documents, or websites. Generate professional-looking PDF files for printing or archiving purposes. Export to Markdown for seamless integration with note-taking tools or text-based platforms.

Cloud Workspace

Enhance collaboration and access your mind maps anytime, anywhere with the invaluable Cloud Workspace feature in our mind mapping tool.

Save mind maps on cloud

Our mind mapping tool offers the invaluable feature of cloud storage, allowing you to securely store and access your mind maps from anywhere, anytime. By saving your mind maps on the cloud, you eliminate the risk of data loss and ensure seamless synchronization across multiple devices.

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