Mind Map Template: Fishbone Matrix for Decreased Sales Revenue

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Description of the Mind Map Content

The mind map explores the multifaceted reasons behind the decline in sales revenue, categorizing them into distinct branches:

Market Factors:

  • Increased competition in the market
  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Economic downturn affecting purchasing power

Product Factors:

  • Poor product quality or performance
  • Lack of product differentiation
  • Inadequate marketing and promotion

Pricing Factors:

  • High product pricing compared to competitors
  • Inconsistent pricing strategies
  • Insufficient discounts or incentives for customers

Distribution Factors:

  • Inefficient distribution channels
  • Limited availability in key locations
  • Poor inventory management leading to stockouts

Sales and Marketing Factors:

  • Ineffective sales team performance
  • Inadequate advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Weak online presence and digital marketing efforts

Customer Service Factors:

  • Poor customer service experience
  • Inadequate after-sales support
  • Lack of responsiveness to customer queries and complaints


This Fishbone Matrix provides valuable insights into the potential root causes of decreased sales revenue. By visually organizing factors into categories, it facilitates a structured analysis of the business’s challenges. Insights gained from this mind map could guide strategic decision-making and targeted interventions in areas such as product development, pricing strategies, distribution optimization, and improvements in sales and marketing efforts. It serves as a diagnostic tool, enabling the identification of specific areas that require attention and improvement to reverse the declining sales trend.

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